We provide comprehensive advice in complex conflict situations. This includes representation before authorities and courts as well as before alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. We support our clients in the development of constructive and sustainable solutions.


The globalized economy does not stop at national borders. We offer our clients access to our international network of lawyers, experts and interest groups. In the interests of our clients, we ensure not to lose the overview in cross-border transactions and to take the right steps in the right jurisdiction.


We represent our clients in all civil and corporate law matters. In addition we have developed expertise in the field of labour law and in social and corporate- and public procedures. Our approach is characterized by a meticulous analysis of the facts as well as the elaboration of the legal issues in the best interests of clients. Allocation to specific areas of law is not of overriding importance to us. 

White collar crimes

The analyse of complex economic facts is leading more and more to a assessment of the actions of managers and companies through criminal courts. The law firm has extensive expertise in the representation of private parties and suspects from Austria and abroad. We offer our clients trustworthy advice and concise, performance-oriented litigation.