BREITENEDER is one of Europe´s leading law firms with respect to European Collective Redress. We represent individuals as well as businesses of domestic or foreign origin and provide counsel in all matters concerning civil- or corporate law. Our working method is characterized by the precise preparation of the facts of the case as well as the elaboration of the accurate legal conclusion. Thereby the classification of each matter by category of a specific field of law comes as a second-rate.

We are operating with in an international network of attorneys, experts and interest groups. Eric Breiteneder is a co-founder of the International Financial Litigation Networks (IFLN) and active member of a number of international lawyer associations. Our clients benefit, especially regarding to cross-border cases, from the international orientation of our law firm.

We consider ourselves as a provider of new innovative ways of resolving conflicts – may it be through the “classic” litigation or through new approaches of collective settlement procedures, which may lead to a faster and risk-free solution for our clients due to de-escalation and cost-efficiency.

The way of enforcing claims from individuals or for groups of claimants is in flux more than ever. In a complex world which is renewing itself constantly new approaches, excellent knowledge of the law but also courage, and the willingness to compromise are of the essence in order to reach the optimum for our clients.

Our professional competence as well as our ambition to take an active role with respect to negotiations and litigation is valued by our clients. With determination and perseverance we devote our services to the interests of our clients.