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BREITENEDER is an active member of the IFLN, IBA, AAJ. Partner law firms in America, Europe, Asia and Australia increase the effectiveness of the enforcement of your claims.

BREITENEDER is not the national component of an international Network. We work and think without boundaries. 


BREITENEDER was and is always on the side of those who were damaged by others. In recognizing the imbalance between a wrongdoer and a claimant as well as profound legal expertise helped and helps us to successfully represent damaged parties.

We are driven by the desire to enforce claims. Our objective is to minimize the group of those, whose claims get time-barred. To not confuse damaged parties with poor and unfortunate is self-evident.



Our mindset is based on law and justice. Our way of newly thinking is guiding us. We use methods that have proven effective instead of rejecting them just for the sake of innovation.

Legal counseling has to move with time, without losing sight of the most important: the interests of our clients. Our IT solutions are oriented towards modern global acting international corporations. Our project management is taking the industry as example and is integrating our services in the existing process of your company.