30-year statute of limitations won in the diesel scandal!

It is now known that not only VW, but also other manufacturers of diesel vehicles have manipulated exhaust gas purification. So far, however, only 5% of those affected in Austria have done anything against it. The OGH has confirmed the 30-year statute of limitations we obtained!

Thanks to the 30-year statute of limitations, you as the person affected still have the possibility to claim damages.

There is now also the threat of an official shutdown of affected vehicles and a recall of millions of them.

You should therefore not allow your claims for damages to become time-barred.

In Germany, those who have filed claims have received settlement payments of up to EUR 6,250.00. We are convinced that this result is also possible in Austria.  If you own a vehicle with the EA189 engine from VW, compensation is possible up to the amount of the original purchase price (depending on the age and use of your vehicle).

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